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For business enquiries please email me, my social media accounts have methods of reaching me but the email is the one I will most likely respond to.

Due to an ever increasing number of questions for advice and help I receive concerning music set-ups, recording guitars etc, I am finding very little time to write back to each of your requests. Most of my days and nights I am spending recording and editing new productions, and learning new material to cover and teach. Although I do enjoy helping out wherever I can, this is consuming valuable studio time where I need to be producing content for my YouTube channel.

Please consider that making music both live and on the Internet is my livelihood and sole income.

If you need my help I am happy to give it but I am going to charge a very reasonable fee for my time.

I now offer one hour Skype (or any other platform of your choice) sessions for $20.00 or $5.00 for 15 minute sessions.

Please connect with me at the links below: