If you have any issues with choosing an audio interface, guitar, amps, pedals, recording software,

unit effects or are needing and help in general get in touch. With an extensive knowledge of PC computers,

specializing in audio configurations from years of experience, I can get you up and running within minutes!

If you do require my assistance I’m happy to connect with you on any social media platform of your choosing.

This can also be a Skype call or video call.

My fees are very reasonable. Depending on the type of service required, I usually charge by the hour $25.00 USD.

Please use the contact form below to schedule our meeting.

NOTE: Make sure to state clearly what you need help with and provide all details of any relevant information I may need to assist you.

For example if you are asking me if why ‘Guitar Rig 5’ is not working properly, I will need your computer

specifications, make and model, processor type, RAM, Audio Interface make and model etc.

I only deal with PC computers at the moment.

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