Hank Marvin The Shadows Guitar Rig Patches Hank Marvin The Shadows Guitar Rig Patches

Please read the following instructions very carefully so that you are sure that these patches will work with your version of Guitar Rig!!

I have created five Hank Marvin Preset patches for anyone using Guitar Rig 5 who would like to have a sound similar to Hank’s.

You can purchase them at the bottom of the page.

I have patched the following tunes:

  • Apache
  • Cavatina
  • Kon Tiki
  • Peace Pipe
  • Wonderful Land


Please begin to ensure that you have the correct effects in your Guitar Rig. If you are missing any in the list below then the patches will not load properly!

Step 1.

Open your guitar rig software and click on the Components tab as seen in the image below. Here you will need to confirm that you have the following effects. As there are several different versions and extension packs you may not have all that is required!!!

Please check inside the various drop down menu categories and verify that you have the following effects:

  • AMP – Twang Reverb
  • AMP – Jazz Amp
  • DISTORTION – Treble Booster
  • DELAY AND ECHO – Twin Delay
  • DELAY AND ECHO – Tape Echo
  • DYNAMICS – Noise Reduction
  • DYNAMICS – Tube Compressor
  • DYNAMICS – Volume
  • DYNAMICS – Stomp Compressor
  • DYNAMICS – Fast Comp
  • CABINETS – Control Room
  • REVERB – Traktor’s 12 Reverb
  • REVERB – Vintage Verb

Hank Marvin The Shadows Guitar Rig Patches

Step 2

On the audio players below you can hear some samples of my guitar using the patches I created.

I have deliberately recorded the guitar slightly louder than the backing track so you can clearly hear what you are going to get.

These sounds are raw and unedited straight from Guitar Rig to Sonar Platinum my recording software.

Sample 1: Apache


Sample 2 : Cavatina


Sample 3: Kon Tiki


Sample 4: Peace Pipe


Sample 5: Wonderful Land

Hank Marvin The Shadows Guitar Rig Patches

You can purchase these presets here then continue following the easy instructions to download and install.

Buy Patches HERE.

Great so now you have purchased the patches here is what you need to do next to install them! 

Step 1.

Locate your downloaded patch folder and unzip it.

This folder has been compressed and zipped for quick downloading and needs to be unzipped in order to access the file.

If you do not have any software on your computer unzip compressed files then I recommend using 7Zip which is a free software that can easily and quickly be installed. See the image below for where to download it.

Hank Marvin The Shadows Guitar Rig Patches

Step 2.

Open your Guitar Rig software.

On your Presets list inside Guitar Rig you need to select the ‘New In GR5’ tab and make sure that it is highlighted as seen in the image below!

Hank Marvin The Shadows Guitar Rig Patches

Step 3.

Now we are going to instruct Guitar Rig where our new patch folder is.

Click on ‘File’ then ‘Import Preset’ and a new window will open asking you to find the location of your new patches i.e from your documents folder, desktop, some other folder in another hard drive etc. You can place your new downloaded patch folder anywhere you like but it is important to remember not to move or delete your new preset folder from it’s location, as Guitar Rig will not find it next time you run it and you will have to import the files again!

Click on each one of the five patches i.e Apache using the ‘Import Preset’ option and then repeat this process for the other four patches.

Hank Marvin The Shadows Guitar Rig Patches


Step 4.

Now scroll down to the bottom of your preset list and you will find your new presets.

Click any of them to load and enjoy your new sounds!

Hank Marvin The Shadows Guitar Rig Patches

Buy Patches HERE.

Hank Marvin The Shadows Guitar Rig Patches