David Bowie – Covers And Tutorials

Ashes To Ashes Cover (Released on September 15th, 2015).

As The World Falls Down Cover (Released on March 13th, 2011).

Blackstar Cover (Released on August 26th, 2016).

Let’s Dance Cover on October 17th, 2014).

Let’s Dance Remake Cover (Released on February 12th, 2016).

Let’s Dance Live (Released on December 14th, 2016).

Heroes Cover (Released on March 15th,2017).

Valentines Day Cover (Released on March 19th, 2017).

Valentine’s Day Chords Tutorial (Released on July 17th, 2013).

Valentine’s Day Lead Tutorial (Released on July 19th, 2013).

Where Are We Now Cover (Released on January 30th, 2013).

Where Are We Now Remake Cover (Released on September 14th, 2015).