Hank Marvin And The Shadows Guitar Covers And Tutorials

Hank Marvin And The Shadows Guitar Covers And Tutorials

Here you will find a list of all my Hank Marvin And The Shadows covers and tutorials.

Many of my tutorials have tablature available to accompany the tutorial, you can see the full tab list here.

Just click on the links to watch the video. Enjoy!

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Apache Cover (Released in January 2015)

Apache Tutorial (Released in January 30th 2015).

Atlantis Cover (Released in February 2012).

Bright Eyes Cover (Released on October 15th 2012).

Cavatina Cover (Released on September 5th, 2017).

Cavatina Tutorial (Released on September 10th, 2017).

Doctor Who Cover (Released on November 6th, 2017).

Every Breath You Take Cover (Released on October 26th, 2010).

Everything I Do (I Do It For You) Cover (Released on December 20th, 2015).

Geronimo Cover (Released on July 18th, 2017).

Geronimo Tutorial (Released on July 18th, 2017). 

Heaven Is A Place On Earth Cover (Released on October 5th, 2016).

I Know Him So Well Cover (Released on July 25th, 2014).

Jessica Cover (Released on April 30th, 2015).

Jurassic Park Theme Cover (Released on January 25th, 2018).

Kon Tiki Cover (Released on July 30th, 2017).

Kon Tiki Tutorial (Released on August 7, 2017).

Midnight Cover (Released on November 9th, 2017).

Peace Pipe Cover (Released on June 11th, 2015).

Riders In The Sky Cover (Released on July 2nd, 2013).

Riders In The Sky Tutorial (Released on July 5th, 2013). 

Shindig Cover (Released on August 27th, 2017).

Shindig Tutorial (Released on August 28th, 2017).

Sleepwalk Cover (Released on July 28th, 2015).

Sleepwalk Tutorial Part 1 (Released on November 18th, 2016). 

Sleepwalk Tutorial Part 2 (Released on November 21st, 2016).

Sleepwalk Tutorial Part 3 (Released on November 24th, 2016).

Sleepwalk Tutorial Part 4 (Released on November 25th, 2016).

Sleepwalk Tutorial Part 5 (Released on November 26th, 2016).

The Stranger Cover (Released on May 1st, 2015).

The Power Of Love Cover (Released on  April 27th, 2015). 

Telstar Cover (Released on August 7th, 2017).

Telstar Tutorial (Released on August 7th, 2017).

The Foot Tapper Cover (Released on August 23rd, 2015).

The Foot Tapper Tutorial (Released on June 17th, 2016),

The Young Ones Cover (Released on September 17th, 2017).

The Young Ones Tutorial (Released on October 10th, 2017).

Theme For Young Lovers Cover (Released on September 13th, 2017).

Theme For Young Lovers (Released on September 13th, 2017). 

Time After Time Cover (Released on January 29th, 2013).

Walk Don’t Run Cover (Released on October 24th, 2017).

Walk Don’t Run Tutorial (Released on November 4th, 2017).

Walking In The Air Cover (Released on December 22nd, 2015).

While My Guitar Gently Weeps Cover (Released on October 6th, 2017).

White Christmas Cover (Released on November 23rd, 2017).

Wonderful Land Cover (Released on April 29th, 2015).

Wonderful Land Tutorial (Released on January 21st, 2016).