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How to install my Patches

First of all for anyone who does not know, a patch is a tiny file that

remembers the settings for a sound used inside Native Instruments GuitarRig.

When you install the patch you will get the sound you choose without having to make complicated edits.

You will need a working installed copy of Guitar rig for my patches to work!

Step 1. Check Your Components

For my patches to work you must make sure you have the various components needed.

My patches may not run correctly if you do not have the correct

components installed.

Please check this link and make sure that you have the

components listed in Guitar Rig 5 Pro!

You can compare these components under your ‘Components’

tab in Guitar Rig.

See image below.

Step 2. Unzip Your Patch File

Once you have downloaded my file/s you will need to unpack them.

You should already be able to right click the file and select the option to

unpack to a destination i’e documents, desktop etc.

If you don’t get that option you may need to install the software to do that.

For PC users I recommend ‘7zip’ which is free.

Step.3 Import Your Patch To GR5

Click on the tab ‘New in GR5’ so that it is highlighted in yellow.

Click on ‘File’, scroll down to ‘Import Preset’, then click on it.

You will now need to navigate in the new window to find the location that

you saved your new patch to.

Once you find the patch select it and click ‘Open’.

Next, scroll down to the bottom of the ‘Preset Name’ panel, and you will find

your new patch.

Now, double click on your new patch and it will load.

At this point you will now be able to hear your new sound!

Need Help?

If all this seems too complicated then please fill out the form below.

I will remotely connect to your computer and install it for you for

a small fee.

You can sit back with a coffee and watch how I do it so that next time you

will easily manage alone.